Muaythai is one of the oldest combat sports with ancient traditions and values playing an important part in IFMA’s and the WMC’s philosophy. IFMA and the WMC have an important youth development vision and the success speaks for itself. As Muaythai fosters and protects the ancient traditions it also must build for the future and go with the times to ensure that the sport continues to have youth appeal and the success of the IFMA Youth World Championships bears the fruit of the IFMA vision.


Over the last few years the Muaythai education curriculum has been reshaped so that the practitioners can study and improve their knowledge on an E platform. This has been done in cooperation with iGLA and also with the educational guidelines of UNESCO and other IFMA partners such as UN Women to ensure that the power of sport and muaythai continue to be used not only for a healthy lifestyle but also for a better society.


IGLA utilises the Muaythai Animation Education System (IMAES) which was developed over a period of 24 months and uses state of the art animated videos to aid practitioners in the ancient art of muaythai. Using the Khan system muaythai fighters are able to progress from beginner to advanced and even login at home to brush up on what they learnt in class.


The IFMA education commission has worked tirelessly to ensure the quality of the programme and now the system has been launched millions of muaythai practitioners can come home from the gym and can continue their studies on line.