General Chetta Thanajaro is one of the most respected army and sporting figures in Thailand. He has devoted his life to the kingdom and to sport. He was the former commander-in-chief in the army and later Defence Minister of Thailand and until today has devoted his life to the protection of the country as his duty.

Under General Chetta’s presidency of the Thai Boxing Association of Thailand, Somrack Kamsing made history by winning the first ever gold medal in boxing. General Chetta later served as President of the National Olympic Committee of Thailand, until today he is the honorary President of the NOCT.

From 1996 to 2019 he served as President of the World Muaythai Council worldwide until the unification took place between the WMC and IFMA with him becoming honourary life President of IFMA.

For nearly 25 years he played an instrumental part in the world-wide development of muaythai with close cooperation towards GAISF and IOC recognition for muaythai. General Chetta was part of every IFMA and WMC world meeting, part of the one world one muaythai philosophy and he has seen the organisation grow from the WMC inauguration meeting in 1995 to IOC recognition in 2019 with 128 member countries.