IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan, and Vice President of the AMTAT under Royal Patronage, Kajorn Prowsri met with the Director General of the Department of Physical Education of Thailand, Dr Patanachart Kridiborworn, to discuss on-going cooperation especially with the upcoming Muaythai University Championships. The Championship is scheduled for February next year, and will be opened on the 6th, which will be World Muaythai Day.

The Department of Physical Education once again confirmed their cooperation and is looking forward to working closely with the world governing body of the sport to promote Muaythai not only as a competition, but also as a cultural art form, and a way of life.


IFMA would like to thank the Department of Physical Education of Thailand for their support and their vision to make Muaythai a sport for all, and in support of taking Muaythai to the highest recognition.