Education is one of the key prevention strategies highlighted in the World Anti-Doping Code and one that we can continue strengthening and promoting even during a period when our team is not able to engage in face-to-face learning activities. Therefore, the ITA created an online learning experience in order to continue its education efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. The webinar series aims at giving athletes and their support personnel an overview of all aspects of the doping control system.

The second session of the 5 part ITA Webinar Series was held on 19th May. The focus was on the Doping Control process.

The session was attended by many of the IFMA athletes and coaches. Furthermore, IFMA had issued a directive that called for mandatory participation of athletes and coaches from federations that were found to have ADRVs in the last 3 years.

Marko Petric, a Doping Control Officer and international-level judoka, explained the urine sample collection process. Lara Santi is also a seasoned Doping Control and Blood Collection Officer covered the blood sample collection process.

Marc Mundell, a South African race walker and two time Olympian, offered a very valuable athlete perspective, sharing his experiences and tips for athletes and their entourage. From an experienced athlete very familiar with the doping control process, Marc’s recommendation to athletes and athlete support personnel (coaches, doctors and team personnel) is to ensure athletes are aware of the doping control process before they take part in a competition. He states that planning and preparation is the key to success and there isn’t much to worry about except for giving a urine sample in front of someone. Marc offers some funny experiences as well as his most challenging experiences with Doping Control but offers a positive perspective in that it is the athletes that reach the highest level that need to see doping control so consider it a process that is needed and necessary to protect clean sport and fair-play when you’re playing with the top guns in the game.

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