The Belgium federation became a member of IFMA in 1998 and has been making steady development over the years. In 2007 the organisation merged to form one unified organisation/federation, Belgian Kickboxing & Muaythai Organisation “BKBMO” under the leadership of Patrick Van Acker as its President.

Over the next decade the federation has continued to grow and align its governance and policies with the IFMA constitution with the held of a passionate taskforce of individuals working together on the task to get recognised as a Belgian federation.

All stakeholders played an important role in the growth of the federation from the members, gyms, judges-referees, board of directors, promotors, Vechtsportplatform and many more.

The vision of the development echoed that of the IFMA, placing importance on training its trainers/coaches/judges not only about the sport but about ethics, doping and good governance.

The journey has finally led the BBKMO to claim recognition as a member of the Belgian Olympic Committee.

On Wednesday June 8, 2022 the Belgian federation got elected as a member of the Belgian Olympic Committee. IFMA would like to congratulate the BKBMO under the leadership of its President and IFMA Executive Committee member Patrick Van Acker for this great achievement.