Sunday the 3rd December in the beautiful city of Perth, Australia will see the return of Ignition Pro. The event which is sanctioned by the WMC boasts an international fight card alongside some of Australia’s best homegrown athletes.

Australia is one of the strongest countries in the sport outside of Thailand with athletes such as John Wayne Parr and Chad Collins to name a few making waves on the international scene.

President of Muaythai Australia Peter Boyd stated that Australian muaythai continues to grow from strength to strength and the amount of people engaged in the sport nowadays is phenomenal. Whether people are training to compete, lose a bit of weight before Christmas or simply for social purposes there is no denying the increasing popularity of the sport.

From all at the WMC we wish all of the athletes the best of luck.

Full Night Card Below

IGNITION Pro fight card

IGNITION Pro Champion Belt
Ben Worsfold (WATBC) v Josh Suramach (WMC Lamai) 65.0kg 5×3

International Super Bout
IGNITION Muaythai Perpetual Cup
Ryan Black (MMA247) v Ahmed Badat (WMC Lamai) 69.85kg 5×3

WMC Welter weight  State title
Ben Valuri (WATBC) v Damon Nelson (Lanna Prestige) 66.68kg 5×3

WMC Light weight State title
Saskia Vaughan (Seldy’s) v Victoria Callaghan (Champions) 61.24kg 5×3

MTA Junior Welter weight State title
Brandon Kingston (WATBC) v Jake Keeffe (KKB) 63.50kg 5×2

MTA Middle weight State title
Craig Bovill (Seldy’s) v Joshua Day (Beastmasters) 72.58kg 5×2

MTA Feather weight State title
Bec Rooney (Manho) v Jenna Harvey (Mach1) 57.15kg 5×2

Jungle George (OMTF) v Paul Clarke (Beastmasters) 65kg 5×2

Under Card

Steve Kinanne (UFCMMA) v Brant Soden (Beastmasters) 66kg 3×2

Jeremy Firth (Westside) v Stephen Kirk (MMA247) 61kg 3×2

Cameron Faint (KKB) v Adam Nielsen (MMA247) 63.5kg 3×2

Mitch Impelmans (Manho) v Nathan McKinlay (CMT) 69.8kg 3×2

Robbie Bennett (Seldy’s) v Paso Pasoski (Arachnid) 60kg 3×2

Beau Scarlett (EMT) v Jonny Callaghan (MMA Clinic) 68kg 3×2

Scott Baldwin (OPNG) v Jude Chaomhanach (Gemina) 72kg 3×2

Dane Morris (Onyx) v Aiden Johnstone (Evo MMA) 66kg 3×2

Luke McGavock (WATBC) v Cayleb McComb (Evo MMA) 82kg 3×2

Laine Fisher (Stayer Fitness) v Rhys Hall (Beastmasters) 73kg 3×2

Emmanuel Bisiliote (WATBC) v Kaine Ellis (Lanna Prestige) 67kg 3×2

Jamie Morrisby (OPNG) v Maximus Southham (OMTF) 43kg 3×2