The Iraqi muaythai federation fully recognised by Iraq National Olympic Committee and Ministry of Youth and Sports is one of the leading muaythai federations in Asia. President of the Iraqi muaythai federation, Mr. Mustafa Alag is also an executive board member of the National Olympic Committee.

Iraqi muaythai federation’s mission is to ensure that all regions of Iraq develop equally and to ensure the wellbeing and safety of the athletes. The federation in cooperation with the government has been organising weekly referee courses on all aspects of muaythai.

President Mr. Mustafa Alag stated that some people think there is a difference between IFMA and WMC officiating. Since the unification of IFMA and WMC, the main difference lies in rules of competition. For example, if it’s a round robin competition where the athletes have to compete numerous times during the same competition period protective gear is required and if it’s a one-off competition where the athletes have a minimum of 21 days break protective gear is not required.

Iraq muaythai will continue to work strictly under IFMA, NOC and government to ensure equal opportunities for athletes both internationally and nationally.