The Italian muaythai Federation which is the sole recognised federation by the National Olympic Committee of Italy is holding a three-part weekly IFMA/WMC R&J seminar.

The safety of the athletes is always at the forefront of IFMA, ITO Rodolfo Meoni Stated, especially at the grass roots level where we must ensure that we have the best referees in the centre ring to ensure safety and fairness for these young athletes.

He went on further to say that that there is a clear process for officiating from the grass-root to the elite level for the referees and judges in Italy. They start as a beginner and then advance to the national level and from there they will reach the continental level. With the European Games only two years away this is obviously everyone’s dream.

From the continental level they then will move to the world level to officiate at world championships or at Olympic recognised multi-sport game events, either as a team referee or as an ITO like myself.

Rodolfo further stated that this certainly also goes for the WMC level as there is a myth that there is amateur and professional muaythai but muaythai is muaythai. The competition rules may be different with 3 rounds or 5 rounds, Round robin or single style tournament, but the rules and regulations are exactly the same.

Around 100 participants from all Italian provinces will participate in this national seminar and on this occasion IFMA and FIKBMS would like to congratulate Mr Giovanni Malago, the President of the Italian National Olympic Committee and IOC member on his reelection.