Jean -Charles Skarbowsky is with no doubt one of the pioneers of muaythai when legends such as Ramon Deckker, Rob Kaman, Danny Bill and so many others fought the best of the best in the heart of muaythai, Thailand.

Known as ‘the Tattooed dragon’, Jean lives and breathes muaythai and based himself in Thailand for an extended period of time having around 100 fights with the majority of them being against Thai opponents. In Thailand he was also given the name ‘Chong’.

He is remembered for his legendary fights from yesterday to today when he fought former legends such as Orono Por Muang Ubol and on the end of his career the likes of John Wayne Parr, Ole Larson and certainly Buakaw.

He fought at all major WMC events such as the King’s birthday events from 2002 to 2005, the famous Rumble of the King’s against the likes of Ole Larson and the WMC Explosion event against Buakaw. He won the WMC superfight at the famous Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok and the list goes on.

Following his retirement he continues to promote muaythai at his own gyms to contribute to the next generation to pass on his knowledge, experience, passion and love for the art and sport of muaythai.

Respect to you Jean