On Saturday the 12th of August, a new Nordic champion was crowned in Finland at the Lahti Fight Event.
Two top-level female fighters, Tessa Kakkonen from Finland and Johanna Persson from Sweden both stepped up to the challenge and were determined to go home as the new champion in the light-flyweight division.

The 5-round fight was full of action and the spectators were able to see world-class Muaythai at its finest. On this occasion, Johanna Persson brought her A-game and was stronger in the fight taking the belt back to Sweden by unanimous decision.

Johanna Persson stated that “We did it, took the win yesterday and I’m so happy that I got this opportunity to fight one of the best for this title. I will keep going and work hard every day to achieve my dreams”.

WMC Supervisor and Head of WMC Finland, Mr Pertti Nurmi stated that “Muaythai in Nordic Countries continues to grow and we have more events planned for later in the year for WMC national titles and also European and World Title. The WMC is the only fully recognised professional Muaythai organization in Finland and we will continue to push the sport to the highest level”.