Pertti Nurmi WMC

Porvoo, Finland was the place of battle to distinguish who would be the new WMC Nordic champion on Saturday the 6th of October between Kari Viinikainen from Finland and Filiph Waldt from Sweden. The bout was set at 61.2kg (lightweight) and both athletes had trained long and hard to feature on the show entitled ”new era” WMC Fight Event .

Kari Viinikainen, 7 times Finish champion as well as 2 times Nordic champion is no stranger in the world of muaythai and faced Filiph Waldt, the 2 times WMC Swedish champion and IFMA silver medalist.

After 5 hard fought rounds the decision went to the judges scorecard in favour of Filiph who was crowned the new WMC Nordic champion.

Pertti Numri the WMC official of Finland stated that this event was another great example of how the sport is growing in Finland and the Nordic countries in general and he is looking forward to the next WMC event at the end of the month.