After a fantastic event in Russia the next leg  of Top King was held in Laos  Thailand’s neighbour country where muaythai has a huge popularity.
Khayal Dzhaniev,  WMC and IFMA Russian champion  who just recently won the muaythai living legend, Buakaw Banchamek was matched against Albanian athlete Eddy Paci and showed again why he is  one of the top fighters in the world  by winning another important match.

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Vladiimir Konsky  from Slovakia  which has been ranked in the  WMC top ten fought another WMC  top ranked fighter Yodpayak from Thailand. Konsky showed again  why he is one of the worlds best by beating Thailand and at the same time showing again that muaythai is truly an international sport.

Saeid Chahardouli from Iran won against Austrailan Tass Tsitsiras  in one of the under-card fight.

Swiss Muaythai which has been  growing  under the wings of IFMA and WMC showed again that they are in improving form with Jimmy Venot winning against Ayman Nayanesh from Congo.

Petchbonbu from Thailand  was matched against Matt Embree from Canada which both fighter going toe to toe for the entire match. Petchbonchu winning a close encounter  and Matt  getting a standing ovation for a great performance.

Belarus which is one of the top 5 in the WMC and IFMA world ranking showed again why they are one of the powerhouses with  Dmitry Varets won  against Dejrit Poptheeratham  from Thailand.
top king laos
Thai superstar Rungrat Sasiprapagym  was matched against Indoor Asian Gold medal winner and channel three super star Vahid Shahbazi from Iran  and this has been the fight of the night two true warrior showing the entire muaythai arsenal in a world class match  Thailand winning by a single point.

The event  proved again that Top King series is truly a great promotion for Muaythai  but also that muaythai  is one of the most exciting ring sports and that many countries are as strong or stronger than Thailand.


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