The World Virtual Championships 2021 started with over 70 countries participating in different disciplines, including wai kru, shadow boxing, mai muay, max fit, and shadow refereeing. 

IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan welcomed the participants on the virtual platform, highlighted the solidarity of the IFMA family during these challenging times again, and praised the IFMA family’s innovation and flexibility. 

IFMA Vice President, General Udomdej, shows his pride in IFMA’s IOC recognition and IFMA’s mission to protect the cultural heritage of muaythai. 

IFMA’s athletes’ commission chair spoke on behalf of IFMA’s heart and soul, the athletes thanking IFMA for standing for and with the athletes during the pandemic to ensure that the athletes have continuous opportunities to take part in physical and mental activities. This event is essential and having over 70 countries participating outlines the need. 

The floor is open. The draw has been done. Now it’s time for the athletes to shine.