After a very long break from IFMA world events Muaythai is back to the fields of play and back home to its motherland with Thailand hosting the World Muaythai Championships 2021. 

The event includes all IFMA official divisions giving opportunity to every age and category be part of the long awaited tournament. 

IFMA in cooperation with the Thailand National Sports Development Fund, National Muaythai Federation of Thailand and the local organising committee revealed the official logo of the event which highlight 5 Mongkons symbolising 5 pillars of muaythai: Honour, Respect, Tradition, Excellence, Fair Play. 

These values have been the key to the growth of muaythai around the world, and bringing the sport towards the highest sports recognition – recognition by the International Olympic Committee. 

Traditionally IFMA World Championships will include the cultural disciplines of  competitions in Wai Kru and Mae Mai Muaythai which are IFMA official disciplines on the medal programmes.

The world counts days before the arrival and the city of Bangkok will again welcome youth and senior athletes from around the world between 3 and 12 December.