Malaysian Muaythai Association which is fully recognised by their National Sports Ministry and National Olympic Committee showed their seriousness in the IFMA education programme. 148 instructors from all Malaysian regions joined the 3-day course with a full day programme on each day.


The technical side of the course was conducted by Ajarn Pornchai, assisted by Ajarn Manop. They were also assisted by Bernard Radin the highest Khan holder in Malaysia. Although most instructors had come with up to 20 year’s experience in muaythai, everyone had to go back to their grass roots to re-educated themselves on the IFMA/WMC Khan Programme grades 1-5. Besides the practical, there were many theoretical speeches and presentations.


The facilitators;


Dato’ Muhd. Shahnaz Azmi – President of Malaysian Muaythai Association

Khan Syllabus – Overall view

Moving forward from grass root level – School / Kids

Dr. John Mohd. Rahim – Secretary General of Malaysian Muaythai Association

Introduction on – Muaythai  Sport Curricular in School

Dr. Razin Shah, Junior Doctor of University Malaya Hospital –

Injury in Sport – How to prevent and tackle any mishap

Mr. Rashid Mean – Assistant Director, Co-Curriculum of Ministry of Education

How to start a Muaythai Club in Schools under Ministry of Education

Tips and etiquette

Mr. Master V. Sivalingam of National Sport Institute of Malaysia –

The proper way to stretch, warming up and warming down before beginning workouts or athletic activities.

Cover – basic, intermediate and advance level of stretching.

Mr. R. Vivekanandan K. Ramayah, Head of Sport Science Education and Couching Course – National Sport Council of Malaysia

Instructor and coaching fundamental

Introduction of National Couching Certification Scheme

Stephan Fox – WMC Vice President, IFMA General Secretary

WMC/IFMA requirments of National Instructors

National & International Development of muaythai towards world recognition


A special thank you must go to Dato’ Muhd. Shahnaz Azmi for his vision to build muaythai from the grass roots and after the successful Challenger series held in Malaysia, muaythai is truly one of the most popular sports and martial arts in Malaysia.