Mauritius Muaythai which is fully recognised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Mauritius and the highest sporting community is continuing to promote muaythai both as a cultural art form and combat sport.

President Sham Seetaram stated that the national federation wants to ensure that muaythai is much more than a ring sport, it is a way of life and the protection of the cultural rules, Wai Khru and Mae Muaythai is key.

The grading was put together by the Moka Muaythai Sports Club and led by female Khru Hema Ramnarain, under the ageis of the Mauritius Muaythai Federation. The highest award of the day was Khan 5 which went to Yasin Patel who is also a National Champion.

The Chair of the IFMA Cultural Commission Ajarn Chao who was in attendance  last year to personally inspect the standard of the head instructors and khrus commented that Mauritius is very much in line with the IFMA philosophy of protecting the past and working for the future as there are still quarantine restrictions. A special message was given from the IFMA cultural chair. 

Mauritius is also the head-quarter for the India Pacific Federation with a seat in the Executive Board.

Congratulations to all the athletes from everyone at IFMA!