Gender equality is not just a word for the WMC and IFMA, over the last 15 years a lot of work has been put in to promote female muaythai around the world and today female muaythai is flourishing on all 5 continents. Who would have thought that countries such as Iran and Iraq would send female teams to the IFMA championship going back 10 years.


IFMA and the WMC also have a solid partnership with UNESCO and UN Women, two of the continental presidents are female and the world athlete of the International World Games Association is not only female but comes from the sport of muaythai. Muathai Angels has been in partnership with the WMC and IFMA since day 1,  Chommanee the current Angel champion is a former IFMA world champion and WMC world champion and so is Sofia Olofsson which holds both titles currently.


Muaythai plays a big role in television, who cannot forget Contender Muaythai in cooperation with Dreamworks, Mark Burnett and IOM, Challenger Muaythai which has been Emmy nominated and now Muaythai Angels all took the audience by storm. Muaythai Angels was invited this year to the Cannes film festival which shows again that Muaythai is equally popular in both male and female form, congratulations to all our ambassadors.