Muaythai Australia continues to develop the next generation in line with IFMA and the development of sport in Australia. Since IFMA began the world youth development programme in 2010 and separated the youth and senior world championships, Australia has been one of the strongest youth teams at the World Championships.

During the pandemic Western Australia has done amazing work to keep the youth occupied by being part of the IFMA virtual events. The Western Australian board comprised of Andrew Nelson, Tony Fisher, Darren Reece, Daniel Dawson and Darius Doutch are organising youth development programmes and youth sessions. These sessions aim to develop their skills and get ring experience under the safety and rules of IFMA and to ensure that the youth can develop, so that team Australia will be strong again at the next IFMA Youth World Championships.

Over 100 youth from all over WA came together on this important day which also showcases that former-champions such as Darren Reece and Daniel Dawson use their experience for the next generation and for the benefit of muaythai and Australia.

Congratulations on this fantastic initiative and we are looking forward to seeing team Australia marching proudly under the Australian flag at the next Youth World Championships.