February 6th marks an auspicious day in the Muaythai calendar as Muaythai day where practitioners of the sport around the globe pay homage to King Somdej Phra Sanpher the 8th, better known as Phra Chao Sua, or the Tiger King. The Tiger King is renowned for his skills in martial arts, rising to the throne on February 6th, 1702.

This year the WMC and IFMA in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Tourism have put together a fight card to remember for Wednesday February the 7th which will be hosted at the Sports Authority of Thailand in Bangkok.

The event will host three Super 4 tournaments featuring international fighters, alongside a special female fight for the UNite trophy promoting the campaign to end violence against women and continuing to promote gender equality.

Full line up:

1: Saenklao Numbong Gradi (Thai) vs Bin Rumijan (Malaysia) 28 kilos

Super 4 57 kilos
2: Nampetch Por Pramuk (Thai) vs Mohd Ali Bin Yakub (Malaysia)
3: Khalilov Tagir (Russia) vs Ngyuian Dag Kawian (Vietnam)

Super 4 67 Kilos
4: George Inasio (Brazil) vs Petchmuangpen Sirilack Muaythai (Thailand)
5:  Batjargal (Mongolia) vs Willy Whipple  (America)

Super 4 72 kilos
6: Alex the Sousa (Brazil) vs Ziyodilla Kurbanov (Uzbekistan)
7: Krogya Sirilak muaythai (Thai) vs Dylan Tarn (France)

Unite trophy fight
8: Fa Yokkao Saenchai Gym (Thai) vs Hun Hu Hai (Vietnam)

Kard Chuek (Rope Fight)
9:Superlek Lukdonklang (Thai) vs Lo Diaw (Burma) 52kg

10: Super fight to be announced

11: 57 kilo Super 4 final
12: 67 kilo Super 4 final
13: 72 kilo Super 4 final

14: Tanachai Rachanon (Thai) vs Bryan Matiu (France) 66.67kg WMC World Title Fight