The Sri Lankan Muaythai Federation went out from their gyms with the national coaches giving a lesson to the local schools. The event turned into a fun session where youth could try a role of the Muaythai champions and hear about IFMA and WMC events taking place all over the world.
More than a hundred kids joined the session which started with the welcoming word from the President of the Chairman of the Muaythai Association of Sri Lanka Mr. Asoka Jayarathna who made an encouraging speech before the demonstration of the Muaythai disciplines began.

The ancient art of Muay Boran was the highlight of the day and the youth sent round of applause every time performers made techniques developed through centuries of Muaythai development.

The practical part of the course followed with kids trying the Muaythai outfit and taking the role of WMC and IFMA champions. Sri Lankan instructors were torn apart as every participant was eager to learn the art of eight limbs.

The session finished with a lot of energy vented out, emotions expressed and a lot of fun remembered. Certificates prepared by the Muaythai Association of Sri Lanka will be a great memory for all the participants and for some may be the first award on their way to the awarding podium.