The beautiful Kingdom of Riyadh and the birthplace of Saudi Arabia was the place for the opening of UTS 2021.

Over 100 organisations worked together for the UTS 2021 festival from Riyadh to the world under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, the Internationational Paralympic Committee, the Special Olympics GAISF, and AIMS.

The opening ceremony saw cities like Paris 24, Pyeongchang 24, Dhaka 26 and so many others coming together with the youth of Saudia Arabia for this heartwarming ceremony.

The youth of Bangkok officially handed over to the youth of Saudi Arabia,
the muaythai youth will participate in the Max Fit, Aero fit, and talent show together with youths from 65 organisations taking part in the sports programme.

Wishing luck to all the youth of the world and thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for hosting.