Muaythai legends Saenchai and Sudsakorn shocked the crowd with a surprise appearance at the opening ceremony of the Youth World Championships in Bangkok last week. The event which had 1,200 participants from 79 different countries spanned over 9 days with the bouts held at Nimbutr stadium.

The opening ceremony began with a display of Thai culture and dance before Saenchai and Sudsakorn graced the stage, wooing fans by entering alongside explosions and fire. The pair, wearing Muay Boran ropes (Kard Chuek) then proceeded to go into battle, demonstrating an array of impressive techniques with Saenchai exhibiting his signature moves.

Following the performance, the muaythai legends were mobbed by fans trying to take selfies with the heroes they one day aspire to be. Both Saenchai and Sudsakorn were happy to spend some time with their fans to take pictures as they understand that the future of the sport lies in the youth.



Photos by Jasper Moons