Muaythai has already reached millions of households, but now it has really gone mainstream.

It all began with “Contender Asia” which was included in the regional Emmy Awards for Asia, but now the break out show “The Challenger Muaythai” has just received a chance at one of the highest honours in television… nominated as one out of four top shows in the category “Non-Scripted Entertainment” for the 2012 International Emmy Awards.

This is an amazing success story for Muaythai. The show’s host and mentor, Stephan Fox, said the nomination has come down to the work of so many, the vision of IOM ,the fantastic producers and most importantly, the incredible cast of 16 athletes … this exciting development dovetails beautifully with Muaythai’s efforts to achieve the highest in sporting honour, recognition from the IOC.

The whole world will be watching November 19th, when the overall winner will be announced. The nomination shows just how much the world has fallen in love with Muaythai, its ancient traditions, its values, and its sporting appeal. Muaythai is the full package.

Congratulation to everyone involved in the Challenger Muaythai. A great thank you to all Muaytthai fans from around the world, Emmy’s here we come!

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