Australia fight night

On Sunday 17th July, 2016 the city of Perth, Australia will once again witness another evening of Muaythai hosted by Ignition Muay Thai. Australia has long been a country strong in Muaythai with a unified recognised National Federation and this event further showcases the quality and dedication shown by their athletes. Many Australian athletes have reached world fame showcasing the Aussie spirit and sportsmanship worldwide.

The main event of the evening, a pro female fight will see Bec ‘the Hulk’ Rooney go head to head with Victoria Callaghan in a battle for the Lightweight WMC state title.

Aside from this exciting headline the audience will be treated to fights by the likes of, Ben Osbourne and Gab Ferris, Trent Harley and Ryan Witherington, Shannon Peek and Maddie Duiker to name only a few.

Promoter and Australian National President of WMC Peter Boyd stated that this is a great opportunity to once again showcase the beauty of the sport and again illustrate how Muaythai in Australia is continuing to grow from strength to strength.