Japan is continuing to showcase why it is one of the leading countries in muaythai with another RWS Supershow. The IFMA Japanese Muaythai Federation, IFMA and WMC’s sole member in Japan again partnered up with RWS to put on a muaythai event in Chiba with some amazing muaythai matches.

In the old Japanese muaythai qualification bout between Issei and Ryuki, a fight which showcased the natural talent of both fighters the judges could not separate them, a well deserved draw.

Nadaka took on Kevin Martinez from Spain in which Japan won the decision, once again with Nadaka showcasing his world level skills.

The fourth match saw Yoshinari Shimon take on Isannua Chotbangsaen from Thailand and what a match it was with Japan beating the motherland in a fantastic bout. 

In the main undercard fight between Jaipetch Sitpabon from Thailand and Parco Ranger Gym from Japan, Jaipetch lost a very close battle.

The sixth match and main female fight of the night between Saya Ito saw the Japanese superstar beating Phayahong Banchamek from Thailand in a fantastic bout.

Thailand’s Kanokwan Looknhongsaeng against Yaya Weerasakle was also a good match with Kanokwan taking a points decision win.

The Japanese Muaythai Federation under the presidency of Nakagawa Natsuo stated that this was another fantastic evening to promote muaythai in Japan, thanking RWS, IFMA and WMC for their support and now the next big event for Japan will be the IFMA World Championships in Greece.