Thrilling stage show on the origins and heroes of muaythai and muay boran opens at The Stage, Bangkok’s newest playhouse.Bringing the origins and heroes of muaythai back to life, MUAYTHAI LIVE : THE LEGEND LIVES is an epic live show that captures 300 years of Muay Thai’s history though a dazzling combination of hyper-real fights, breathtaking stunts and sweeping drama.

Created and directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham, celebrated Thai director of the award-winning film ‘Beautiful Boxer’ and the hit musical ‘Chang & Eng’, the show opens this January 15, 2014 at The Stage, Bangkok’s new playhouse at the heart of Asiatique The Riverfront, Asia’s largest lifestyle, dining and entertainment complex.

MUAY THAI LIVE : THE LEGEND LIVES conjures up Muay Thai’s greatest heroes, from the origins to present day, in a series of tales artfully woven together.   Over the course of the show, the audience will witness a mysterious stranger defeat champions in THE TIGER IN DISGUISE; they will be amazed at the feats of Nai Khanom Tom, a chained prisoner who faces ten savage fighters in THE PRISONER WITH EIGHT LIMBS; they will tremble for General Pichai, who confronts heavily armed warriors with his bare hands in THE BROKEN SWORDS; flash-forwarding to the present, the audience will watch in awe as a kickboxing lover rescues his girlfriend from the grips of thugs — Thai style — in THE ACTION HERO; Finally, as the show draws to a close, the spiritual power of Muay Thai and its connection to the Thai people will be revealed in MUAY THAI FOREVER.

The 18-strong cast of MUAY THAI LIVE : THE LEGEND LIVES packs an incredible array of talent, including real life Muaythai champs, black belt martial artists, professional stuntmen, extreme sports athletes and traditional Thai dancers.   To do justice to the world’s most lethal martial art (“the combat sport that cannot be beaten”), Mr Uekrongtham has called upon Master Sanae Tubthimtong, one of Thailand’s most respected Muaythai masters, to choreograph the spectacular fight sequences of MUAY THAI LIVE : THE LEGEND LIVES. As the show spans three centuries, Mr. Tubthimtong has dug deep into Thailand’s glorious past to recreate a wide variety of Muay Thai styles, from the beautifully choreographed Muay Boran of the origins all the way to the modern high-speed, high-impact techniques.

In addition to Thai Boxing in its many incarnations, the show also features dramatic sword-fighting, jaw-dropping stunts, some uncanny free-running moves and a blend of traditional Thai and modern dance, not to forget a touch of humour and romance.   Conceived as a family-friendly entertainment, MUAYTHAI LIVE : THE LEGEND LIVES offers a rare mix of thrills and drama enhanced by a lush production which brings the glory of Thailand’s cultural heritage back to life in spectacular fashion.





The IFMA General Secretary and Sport Director had the honour of watching the spectacular show as special guests of Khun Pom, the show’s producer.   “It was truly a fantastic performance which really highlighted the strength, beauty and history of muaythai. I immediately felt that I wanted everyone I know to watch it too to have the chance to be in awe of the deep history of the sport and art” said General Secretary Stephan Fox after the house lights came up.


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