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Muaythai is a precious martial art and so is Idar Oberstein known as the gem stone city of Germany. A special international Muaythai event was held, with four belts (Ruby, Diamond, Tourmaline and Aquamarine). It was the first of its kind and four sponsors donated the stones for the belts.

It was the first in the region and attained a full house and WMC vice president was there to give a special plaque to the mayor of Idar Oberstein. The first fight was was for the Tourmaline belt, sponsored by Groh and Ripp, between Poland’s Rafal Simonides and Thaliand’s Lucky. It was 5 rounds of world-class Muaythai, and at the end it was Poland who won the close fight with a formidable performance.

The second fight was between Michaela Michl, originally from Thailand now living in Germany, versus Thailand’s Thaddao Chahrour for the Aquamarine belt, sponsored by Hans-Ulrich Pauly. This has been one of the best female fights and really showed that female Muaythai is as popular as male Muaythai. The close decision went to Thaddao for the win.

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The third fight of the evening was Thiago Teixeira from Brazil against Sebastian Harms-Mendez from Germany for the Ruby belt, sponsored by Paul Wild, where Sebastian came out on top with the win.

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The final fight of the evening was between Germany’s Florian Pauly and Thailand’s Depanyak Kit Kirwit, for the Diamond belt sponsored Hans-Dieter Krieger. Thailand emerged victorious.

It was a fantastic fight and an excellent showcase of Muaythai. A special thank you to Christoph Gisea, Florian Pauly and the team for organising such a good event.

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