Nak Muay 8 returns Saturday the 11th November with another evening of muaythai entertainment. Earlier in the year the National Federation of Spain signed a television deal to produce a series of muaythai events called “Nak Muay 8”. This will be a series of 7 national televised events hosting Round Robin tournaments with 8 athletes per division competing in 4 weight categories 61.2kg, 63.5kg, 67kg and 70kg.


The General Secretary of the National Federation of Spain Gustavo Luna stated that Spanish muaythai is growing from strength to strength and with competitions now being telecast live around the country he hopes that more Spaniards will be inspired to get off their sofas and head to the gym.

Muaythai in Spain is a sport for Every Body, the recent IOC recognition has given it a huge boost in the country and with so many events from the World Games to FISU to the World Combat Games it is Viva Espana here comes Spain.


Fight Card Below

Alexander Rivero vs Dani Molero Moya

Saray Medina vs Camilla Daniel-San
Jose Maria Quevedo Tapia vs Vere Benitez Perez
Martin Velasco vs Nikos-Grantzidis-Diamond Camp
Manuel Bernal vs Jek Predador
Hadji Ndow vs Ivan Valenzuale Molina
Unai Lopez vs Arafa Halala

The event will be live telecast on Spanish TV