Fight fans in Queensland were treated to an evening of elite-level muaythai on Saturday as Coastal Warfare returned with another corker of a card. The show which is sanctioned by the WMC, as usual, featured a stacked fight card with the headlining fight for the WMC Queensland Super Middle Weight title between Corey Crittenden and Nick Trask.

This was a fight of epic proportions with both fighters giving it their all from the first round. Nick kept hammering away at the body kicks until the referee declared a TKO at the beginning of round 4 and was strapped up with the WMC Queensland Champion belt.

The WMC spoke to Nick earlier today and he had this to say “It means a great deal to me to finally become a WMC champion after 40 fights, especially as I came up short about 5 years ago for the same title. That was when the late Alan Bell was with the MTA and I know he wanted me to win it back then. So it feels like it’s come full circle and I’ve finally got it. From here I want to progress to the Australian WMC title and go as far as I can and really test myself against some of the best super middleweights. I’m ready and happy to fight anyone in the world at 76.2kg to test myself with the best.”