The WMC’s new exciting competition format has proven highly successful. The format gives athletes only 1 x 3 minute round to convince the judges why they should move forward to the 2nd round. The first event was held in honour of His Majesty the King’s 88th birthday celebration, WMC President, General Chettha Thanajaro was at the ring side, together with General Thanwakom Thipayachan, the new director of WMC competitions.16 Athletes all vied to become the one and only ultimate champion. The opening fight between Christian Malogaj Germany and Fahpetch Sirimongkolniyom from Thailand silenced the crowd and showed that Muaythai contenders no longer dominated from Thailand when Christian from Germany advanced in the 2nd round totally outclassing the Thai. The second fight saw Pavel Delendik from Belarus, the current IFMA European champion taking on Mohammad from Lebanon and it was Belarus moving on to the next round. The 3rd fight saw Gnaoyaksuk from Thailand taking on Sammon Brocker from Sweden and again Sweden showing why they are one of the top ranked in the world and host of the next IFMA world championship sending another Thai packing.IMG_5809

The crowd was astonished as Thailand was the hot favourite of this event. The next match was even worse for Thailand as Thepabutr Dadpong from Thailand was matched against the current IFMA World Champion, Igor Lubchenko, from Ukraine; this battle confirmed the Ukrainian champion sending the third Thai packing.


The next fight was Abdul Hoseim from Iran vs. Thailand. A great performance by Iran but Petchsiri Por Siripong from Thailand, with thousands of spectators, took the first victory of the evening for Thailand. The next match was anall European affair and it was Aitor Alonso from Spain winning against Anton Petrov from Bulgaria. The next fight was Europe against South America with Matin Gil from Argentina winning against Luke Bar from Wales. The last fight of the primary round saw the second Thai moving into the quarter final and Thailand got their 2nd fighter in the quarter final with Fahmai Ansukhumvit beating Ali Batmaz from Turkey.



The first quarter final match saw Christian Malogaj from Germany taking on Pavel Delendik from Belarus and it was Belarus coming out stronger moving into the semi-final. The world champion from Ukraine was matched against Sammon Brocker from Sweden. A fantastic display with Ukraine moving to the semi-final. The Thai crowd firing on their hero in the 3rd quarter-final match, but this was not enough as Aitor Alonso from Spain lost to Petchsiri Por Siripong from Thailand. The last quarter-final match, the Thailand’s last hope for the competition lied in the hands of Fahmai Ansukhumvit who put in a world class performance to win over Matin Gil from Argentina in a very close decision.


The semi-final was set with the European champion, Pavel Delenic, from Belarus meeting the IFMA world champion, Igor Lubchenko, from Ukraine. A fantastic match, a close decision and Ukraine moved into the final. The second semi-final saw two Thais, Petchsiri Por Siripong taking on Fahmai Ansukhumvit, another world class performance by both athletes and it was Fahmai Ansukhumvit doing just enough to book their place in the final.



The final was set to the delight of the thousands of people in the stadium and over 30 million on TV. What a fight it was. No fighter giving the other fighter an inch and in the end both fighters convinced they had done enough to claim the victory. As the story goes, there can be only one winner and by the closest of all margins, it was Fahmai Ansukhumvit from Thailand winning the One Round Knock Out competition. But credit must also go to Igor Lubchenko from Ukraine and all the other athletes. What a night!! And everyone is eagerly awaiting the next edition of the exciting WMC One Round Knock Out competition.