King’s Cup 2015 will see the official debut of the new exciting competition format introduced by General Tanwacom Tippayachan, WMC Executive Board member.

Instead of fighting the regular 5 rounds of 3 minutes, the athletes will only have one round to convince the judges that they are the winner. Winner stays, loser goes. Sixteen athletes representing all five continents have been selected for this electrifying unveiling that guarantees high-octane action from start to finish.


The final bout will go for 2 rounds meaning that boxers going the distance will indeed fight for the duration of a normal fight.


The draw will be done in the ring right before the bell so the athletes have no idea when or whom they will be fighting keeping atlhetes and audience members on their toes.


General Chetta Thanajro President of the WMC said “This new format is an exciting addition to the WMC competition”


General Tanwacom said “Next year a world series will be launched under the WMC and the final will again be held at the King’s Cup event in Thailand”.