Challenger Muaythai is the first martial-arts based  television show to be nominated for  an Emmy Award…this is a major success for Muaythai, and the highest honour in the world of television.

Stephan Fox, who was the host of this highly successful formula, sums it up:

“Through this TV show, audiences which had never before heard about Muaythai, have learned about its deep cultural values, its code of respect, and the rules and regulations of the sport. The series goes beyond Muaythai, showcasing the sacrifices, hopes and dreams which are felt by all athletes dedicated to becoming champions.

The audience gets to experience how athletes deal with defeat and victory, how they can lose a challenge, pick themselves up and take another leap…it’s the story of life. Viewers are able to identify with the athletes they are watching and that’s why the show has been chosen as one of the world’s four best non-scripted television shows.”
All sporting friends have their fingers crossed for Muaythai. It’s not just a story about Muaythai, it’s a story about the pride and honour of competing in a sport, and the beauty that sport does not know borders, or religions or social differences. In the gym, in the arena, in the ring, on the field, we are all the same.

Go Challenger Muaythai, we hope you win an Emmy!