The leadership of United Through Sports and IFMA and many friends come together to a special gathering to enjoy the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

In support of #WeThe15 spearheaded by the International Paralympics and Special Olympics, International Disability Alliance and so many others. Purple was the color of the day.

Tokyo’s amazing National Stadium witnessed, with billions of spectators around the world, the opening of the 2020 Paralympic Games.

The amazing cast, predominantly, Japanese artists, were chosen from over 5500 auditions across Japan.

The centerpiece of the ceremony was the Para-Airport where the wind of change was the central scene. It was an unforgettable ceremony and IPC President Parsons, made an emotional speech towards an inclusive society stating, “The Paralympic Games are for sure a platform for change, but it is up to each and every one of us to play our part everyday to make for a more inclusive society in our countries, in our cities, in our communities.”

President Parsons also highlighted again, the importance of the #WeThe15 campaign, supported by 20 international organizations representing 15% of the world’s population who have a disability.

I cannot believe we are finally here,” the IPC President said, “Many doubted this day would happen, many thought this would be impossible. Difference is a strength, not a weakness and as we build back better, the post-pandemic world must feature societies where opportunities exist for all.”

Let us all enjoy the over 4,400 athletes from over 162 teams competing in 22 sports.