Giorgio Petrosyan made history on Sunday by taking home the highest paid purse to date so far in the history of the sport.

The Italian, nicknamed the doctor due to the clinical precision of his shots receive a staggering 1 million USD following a win over French opponent Samy AK47 Sana on Sunday in One Century Part 2 in Japan, Tokyo.

The 8 man tournament which began in May featured some of the best in the sport including the likes of Yodsaenklai Fairtex, Petchmorakot Petchyindee, and Dzhabar Askerov to name a few.

The semi final of the event sparked controversy when a decision was overturned by team Petrosyan who claimed that Petchmorakot had violated the rules from which the referee failed to pick up on. The squabble was put to rest when a rematch was set with Petroysan emerging the victor and continuing to the final to face Samy Sana.

Despite the height advantage of Sana, Petryosan was able to outscore the French man with his elusive style and estranged angles to land clean blows, taking a points win from the judges. The atmosphere was intense during the stadium as both athletes were giving it 100 % for a shot at taking home a life changing amount of money.

Giorgio Petryosan stated that this competition is not about the money, it is about being number 1 in my division and I will continue to prove that I am the best time and time again.