You may remember Bruce “Preacher” MacFie  from the WMC show The Contender Asia.

On the 7th February 2014 Bruce has organised another Preacher night which is being in Brisbane.

With the main event of the night being Rock Saconchai vs Matt McTavish.


The remaining  fight Card:

Ginny Connors 52kg Alice Weinphal
Michael New 75kg Michael Lewis
Rob Lesley 92kg Paul Steele
Jordie Bargallie 52kg Daniel Harrison
Jordy “Dinga” Bell 95+kg Shane Cladd
Braydon “Spike Johnston 66kg Riley Mclochlin
George “Bundy” Mladenov 95+kg Nui Powerhouse
Brandon Duffy 78kg Kirra Perrin
Josh Sigley 69kg Brodie Goodlet
Matt Young 78kg Warpar Axe
Nick Moulas 70kg Thanh Nguyen
Kaylee Doyle 54.5kg Natalie Jacobson
Joel Cliffo 95+ kg Justin Milo
Scott Chaffey 84kg Roso
James Jevons 72.5kg Salar Persia
Nick Trask 75kg Graham Woodman