The IFMA Executive Board Members gather in Bangkok for a three-day meeting to discuss IFMA’s strategy for 2020.

IFMA President welcomed all the EB members in the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel which has become the hub of many Muaythai world championships for many years and home of the IFMA social gym.

IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, greeted all the attendees in Bangkok who arrived from all parts of the world and thanked them for making time in their busy schedule to be part of this important meeting.

Dr Sakchye stated that he is truly proud to work with the IFMA executive board members who have grown from IFMA champions to the highest IFMA executives. It is a true pride to see how athletes of the past become the leaders of today.

Two full days of meeting with many points on the agenda to discuss are awaiting IFMA executives to set the strategic direction for Muaythai which is on its way to the highest sport recognition.