More good news from Thailand as the prestigious Rajadamnern Stadium has just confirmed that they will be open from Wednesday July the 15th onwards. All sporting events in Thailand were shut down from mid-march in light of the Covid pandemic but are beginning to reopen under the ‘new norm’ set of rules stipulated by the Royal Thai Government.

The board at Rajadamnern have stated that they will host six shows in July under the new rules presented by the government which include no spectators and instead will be streamed live through Facebook.

The first show will be hosted by Sor Sommai promotion with full line up below.

Petchtajin Sitgamnang vs PorPor Singpromprab

Yodbeeti Petchrungruang vs Rungchai Eakmuangnon

Petchlamsin Haypayak vs Thongchai Perchrungrung

Phonaek Sor Sommai vs Manachai YokkaoGym

Gaonar PK Saenchai vs Yodlekpetch Tded99