The Loft Arena was packed for the long awaited Netherlands leg of the MPL. It was do or die for many, as the losers from the first round needed a desperate win in order to keep their dreams alive while the winners of round 1 had the chance to secure a spot in the semifinals with a win.

4 time IFMA World Champions Valentina Shevchenko (PER) shaped up against Llona Wijmans (NDL)

Both girls came with a win from the first round and it was Valentina who broke the hearts of the NDL home crowd by winning by UD. This guarantees her a place in the semis and Ilona must win her next fight to survive in the league.

Next up in the female division was WMC female champion Julie Kitchen (UK) coming with a win from the first round against Sandra Bastian (CAN) who suffered a heart breaking loss in the first round. It was Julie Kitchen who took the point decision booking her spot in the semi-final, leaving Sandra with only a slim hope of making it to the semis.

In the male welterweight division, Mauro Serra (ITA) who lost his first fight shaped up against Denis Schneidmiller (GER) who came with a win to Italy. A great fight from both boys and Mauros win leaves the door wide open for both boys in the next round.

Next up in the male welterweight division, Mohamad Khamal (MOR) against Michael Dicks (UK), both boys coming with a previous win. Whoever will win this fight would secure his spot in the semi-final. It was a great fight from both boys and it was Khamal who came out on top securing his spot. Dicks has a “must win” fight coming up to stay in the league.

In the middleweight division was Vladimir Moravcik (SVK) vs Yohan Lidon (FRA), Yohan had his first fight in the league while Vladimir came to the 3rd round with a draw in his last fight. In a very close fight, Vladimir took the win leaving the floor wide open.

The second fight in the middleweight division as the local Nikki Holtzen took on the American superstar Ky Hollenbeck. Both boys came with a win from their previous fights. It was war in the centre ring as both boys stood toe to toe and it was Nikki Holtzen with a stunning KD in round 3 taking this important win putting him in the driving seat.

In the light heavyeight division saw 4 time IFMA World Champion and WMC European Champion Artem Levin who came with a stunning TKO from round one taking on Roberto Cocco from Italy who had lost his first fight making this a “must win” for him. Artem Levbin showed again is world calss showing again whty he was one of the favourites with a stunning muaythai disply winning bny TKO.

The next match in the light heavyweight was another highlight. Artem Vakhitov, the current IFMA World Champion took on Jiri Zak, a former WMC World Champion. Both boys coming to the fight off a previous loss making the fight a “must win” for both of them. Artem showed why he is one of the top upcoming fighters in the world winning by UD.

The heavyweight big boys saw Filip Verlinden (current IFMA World Champion) which came with a win from the first round versus Chris Knowles (UK) who came with a loss from the first round. One of the most exciting fights of the evening, with Filip winning on UD putting him in a good position for the semifinal.

4 time WMC World Champion Nathan Corbett who came with a KO win from round 1 took on Abdarhmane Coulibaly (FRA) who was having his first fight in the league. Nathan took a comfortable win showing again his world class skills.

There were 2 super fights on the card; Marco Pique (SUR) VS Ali Guynar (TUR) for the WMC Intercontinental title. A great performance by both boys and it was Pique with a world class performance winning the title belt.

Next super fight was a female fight between Aleide Lawant (NDL) vs Lindsay Scheer (USA); a great promotion for female muaythai, Lawant took a SD, but a great performance by both girls.

The world is eagerly awaiting round 4 of the MPL which was scheduled to be in Bangkok on December 5th, but has now been postponed due to the recent flood disaster in Thailand.

The new date will be announced shortly.

See photos of the world class event HERE