Z1, Malaysia’s major promoter in association with the Malaysian Muaythai Association which again has Z1 event and the Royal Cup of Malaysia. The event will be held over 2 days, in honor of H.M. the King of Thailand for his 88th birthday. The first day we will see the young talent of ┬áMalaysia fighting in the important junior event and then the Super 4 in the 57 Kg. with future Malaysian super star Ali Yaakob taking on Ok Bae Moon from South Korea. The female championship will be between Dilara Yildiz from Germany defending her title with Miriam Muay Farang from Italy.

The 2nd day will be the rematch of the Emmy Award nominated Challenger Muaythai show with Challenger championship Mardsua Tum from Thailand will take on Australian Superstar Frank Giorgi while Malaysian Champion, Faisal “The Golden Elbow” will take on English Superstar Jordan Watson from England. This event is truly from worldclass standard and Challenger Muaythai has been followed by over 400 million people worldwide and the world has waited for a chance for these 2 superstars to meet again. The event will be televised around the world. It will be a fantastic promotion for Muaythai, Malaysia and a special thank you must go to Z1 to put together this world class event and certainly the Malaysian Muaythai Association, Malaysian Bole.

Z1_King;s Cup