This weekend, Saturday the 26th of February is a date to put in the calendar for fight fans as the Royal World Cup will be held in Dubai as part of the World Expo. The Card boasts 4 world title fights, 2 Super 4 World Games qualifiers and one intercontinental title bout comprised of fighters from all 5 continents.

The event which is sanctioned by IFMA and the WMC has been put together by the UAE Muaythai Federation and promises not to disappoint.

Local hero and WMC Asian Champion Ilya Habibali from the UAE will take on Arron Ortiz, a USA national champion and IFMA gold medalist in the Light Heavy Weight division for the vacant world title.

IFMA gold medalist Guesin Tagirovich Aliev from Russia will take on the fighter of the year from Thailand Nattapon Saenkla in the lightweight division for the world title.

Rebekah Irwin, an IFMA gold medalist from the USA will fight French champion Anaelle Angervile for the world title in the featherweight division.

Sveva Melillo, a WMC MAD champion and IFMA gold medalist from Italy will face IFMA gold medalist Yolanda Shmidt from Australia for the world title in the Bantamweight division.

Valentin Thibaut, the French national champion will face one of Uzbekistan’s best, Bobirjon Tagaev in the Super-Welterweight division for the intercontinental title.

Super 4 World games qualifier 1, 63.5KG

Duddley Mootoosamy (MUA)

Nouredine Samir (UAE)

Elias Ghazili Bin Zulfikar (MAL)

Ajithjeosan Sellathurai (GER)

Super 4 World Games qualifier 2, 67KG

Ahmet Ertekin (TUR)

Mohammed Mardi (UAE)

Mattia Zanetti (ITA)

Nurtaza Jumakhanov (KAZ)

The event will be live telecast on the IFMA Facebook so make sure you tune in to not miss out on the biggest show 2022 has had to offer so far.