Isa Tidblad vs Patricia Axling 

The sixth bout of the evening was between two girls from Stockholm – Sweden.

2016 IFMA 57 kg world and European Champion Patricia Axling went up against 2014 IFMA World Champion and 2016 IFMA European Champion in the 60kg division.

The first round started with exchanges of technical attacks from both parties. Isa seemed to have a certain advantage with good flow and timing with her combos. Patricia felt comfortable but did not find the timing to land her powerful punches. The clinch was controlled clearly by Isa scoring with her knees. The remaining two rounds had a similar outcome, and although Patricia never looked shaken, Isa was the better fighter on this night.

The fight ended after 3 rounds and the victory went to Isa Tidblad Keski Kangas by unanimous decision.



Daniel Terry vs Hamza Bougamza

WMC Junior Welterweight tournament European title Semi Final 1 

In the 4-men tournaments first semi final, Daniel Terry from UK stepped up against Sweden’s Hamza Bougamza, a former WMC Nordic Champion.

Hamza used his reach and fine flow from the start to score points from a distance with all sorts of techniques. He controlled the fight and seemed relaxed. Daniel could not find his distance and could not full fill his strategy as planned. When both got into in the clinch Hamza was the one dominating with hard knees to the body and head.

Hamza won convincingly on points after 3 rounds.


Frantisek Adam vs Jose Quevedo

WMC Junior Welterweight tournament European title Semi Final 2 

Frantisek Adam from the Czech Republic went up against Spain’s Jose Quevedo.

An even match between two tough fighters with a similar style and physique. Both utilised a wide array of techniques that landed making the fight very close.. Quevedo seemed to have a certain advantage when it came to knees, both from a distance and in the clinch, and at the end of the second round he landed a knee attack leading to an eight count. The rest of the game continued in style, where the Spaniard’s advantage by ramming and sharper knee attacks leading the decision to his advantage. Jose Quevedo won the fight by unanimous decision after full time.


Michael Reissinger vs Simon Ogolla

WMC Super heavyweight tournament European title Semi Final 2 

The late replacement Michal Reissinger from Czech Republic stepped up against Sweden’s Simon Ogolla.

Reisinger carries some weight around the waist but despite this, he went out into a fast pace and found to have better endurance than at first guess. Ogolla landed the most strikes with accuracy, as well as scoring big in the clinch. Reisinger was, however, dangerous throughout the match and landed some hard punches that would have been able to end the game instantly. After three rounds, Ogolla became the dominant fighter of the two receiving a convincing win on points and progressing to the final of the four-man tournament.


Attila Gilanyi vs Fabio Kwasi 

WMC Super heavyweight tournament European title Semi Final 2 

Attila Gilanyi from Hungary went up against Fabio Kwasi from the Netherlands.

Both fighters had replaced other fighters earlier in the week and had jumped in with short notice.

Both combatants seem to hit hard with power behind their techniques as they moved into the first round. At the end of the first round Kwasi landed a body kick that gave Gylanyi an eight count. After the count Kwasi saw the chance and began on the multi-body techniques that his opponent could not handle, and the match was stopped soon thereafter by the judge. A win by Fabio Kwasi meant that he would have to meet Simon Ogolla in the European Championship title match later in the evening.

Hamza Bougamza vs Jose Cuervo

WMC Junior Welterweight tournament final European title

The finale of WMC’s European Championship at -63.5 kg stood between local boy Hamza Bougamza and Jose Cuervo.
The first round began at a steady pace with Hamza’s reach just taking the advantage. The Spaniard was able to adapt technically, but in the end of the round a hard knee from Hamza resulted in an eight count with the round going to Hamza. Round two started off much the same but after being hit by a lowkick against his left leg Cuervo went down, apparently injured. He signaled to his corner pointing towards his leg, and shortly thereafter the referee stopped the fight resulting in Hamza Bougamzas winning the European title.


Simon Ogolla vs Fabio Kwasi

WMC Super heavyweight tournament final European title

WMC’s European Championship title in the super heavyweight division was appointed and Simon Ogolla set against Holland’s Fabio Kwasi.

Round one began somewhat cautious with powerful kicks from both Kwasi and Simon. Simon was the more active of the two and scored big with knees from the clinch. Round two and three followed much the same pattern, where Kwasi becoming more defensive, relying on the contact bearing kicks, often with his back against the ropes. Simon was the more offensive and had the more initiative of the two. Simon Ogollas won by unanimous decision on points,



Sofia Olofsson vs Parita Padpho 

WMC Female Bantam weight World title

WMC’s world title was at stake when local girl Sofia Olofsson took on Thailand’s Parita Padpho. Both ladies heavily qualified and in the same ring to determine who would be honored champion by wearing the belt around their waist. After the national anthems the introduction began somewhat cautious. Sofia commonly steams in from the starting block, but this time wanted to feel the resistance more. The Thai had a nice style and accurate kicking with a stable clinch that for once gave Sofia a challenge. Towards the end of the first round Olofsson increased the tempo, and Padpho was punished by a fine series of hard punches, left kicks and knees. No harm done, but the first round went to Sweden. In the second round Sofia continued taking over the match and delivering damage to the seemingly pipped Parita. Shortly into the second round Sofia attacked with combinations followed by a knee to the body rewarding her an eight count. She came back but only to receive more of the same medicine before the bell sounded for the break. Before the third round began the corner of Parita announced that they have had enough and will not be out for the third round allowing Sofia Olofsson to become the WMC world champion at -53.5 kg.