Following on from February’s successful launch of RWS Japan in Tokyo, the promotion now heads to the beautiful city of Chiba in Japan on April the 14th for another evening of authentic muaythai. RWS Japan has partnered with Rajadamnern Stadium to bring ongoing events in the Land of the Rising Sun which will host Japan’s top elite fighters as they face international opponents.

The headline fight of the evening will see Japanese muaythai superstar Nadaka face Spain’s, Kevin Martinez. Nadaka is a former WMC world champion and current Rajadamnern Champion among his many accolades whilst Kevin is a former WMC European champion and IFMA silver medalist.

The event has been put together by Nakagawa Natsuo, the IFMA President of Japan, and The CEO of RWS Japan, Yohei Sasaki. The event is sanctioned by the Japanese IFMA association and the IOC-recognised world body, IFMA. IFMA and RWS have an MOU in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the athletes and many IFMA and WMC champions are current RWS champions.