The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has been awarded the 2023 World Combat Games is promoting martial arts and combat sports on all levels.

Having made a major impact at the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics in martial arts, the National Olympic Committee and Sports Ministry under His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al Faisal Al-Saud has continued to push all sports and gender equality in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Muaythai is no exception under the Presidency of his Highness Prince Fahad, muaythai has gone from stronger to stronger.

The national federation which is fully recognised by the National Olympic Committee and the Sports Ministry has just completed their national championships with nearly 300 competitors with both males and females competing for a spot in the upcoming World Championships in Phuket, Thailand in December.

Prince Fahad stated that Saudi Arabia has developed a strong grass root and youth development programme which is in line with the vision of Saudia Arabia’s mission 2030 to promote grassroots sport and sport for all.

He further stated that the recent full recognition of muaythai by the International Olympic Committee and the fact that Saudi Arabia has been awarded the 2023 World Combat Games in which the 15 world-recognised martial arts and combat sports will participate has given a huge boost to martial arts in general and certainly muaythai.

General Secretary Abdulaziz Ibrahim Albnan further stated that the National Federation is doing promotional events and workshops all over the Kingdom to showcase muaythai as a cultural art form and exciting combat sport.

IFMA director Charissa Tynan said that over the last 2 years, IFMA has worked very closely with the federation to develop coaches and official programmes which are now paying off with results.

Janice Lynn Chair of the Athletes Commission who was also part of the coaching team in Saudia Arabia stated that Saudi Arabia is working towards full gender equality and that female development in Saudi Arabia is growing strong which is through the fantastic work of the National Olympic Committee under the leadership of his Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz, the President of Muaythai Prince Fahad and certainly IFMA’s full gender equality programme.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is striving to have the chance to qualify for the upcoming World Games in Birmingham in 2022 and is looking forward to sending a full team to the upcoming World Championships in Phuket.