Scotland known as a true sporting nation and on the build-up to the Glasgow 2015 common wealth games will stage a Muaythai event at Port Glasgow Town Hall on 23rd February.

SMTC in association with UKMF are featuring 12 fights on the night and are getting ready for the upcoming 2014 world Muaythai Championship.


Scotland vs Poland 23 Feb
The main events of the night are:

Raymond MONDO Woodcock (Scotland) vs. Krzysztof Olszewskil (Poland) 59kg

Mondo is defending his two year winning streak against a very strong Polish warrior from Palestra Warsaw.

Allan Strachan (Scotland) vs. Marcin Kret (Poland) 68kg

Allan Strachan, after beating the UKMF champion Brian Stevenson has a tough fight ahead against Marcin from Poland who is known for his both fast hands and legs.

Ross Jarvie (Scotland) vs. Arek Drohomirecki (Poland) 60kg

Both of these fighters are making a reputation in their own countries. Ross is very tall and has a killer range against a strong and aggressive Arek.

Ross Cochrane (Scotland) vs. Jason Dick (Scotland) 55kg

This Scottish battle is a rematch which has been on the cards for a while. Jason won the last fight which was a heavy elbow war between the two fighters and now Ross is looking to redeem his name.

Stevie Irvine (Scotland) vs. Evan Jays (England) 42kg

Two of the best juniors in the UK have come head to head. This will be a great challenge for the less experienced Stevie however both fighters have tremendous technique. The UK Champions in the making.