The countdown has begun for the 2014 elite Muaythai event, the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters, which will be held in the 14th of June 2014 in Monte-Carlo in presence of HSH Prince Albert II. Seven World Title fights in which 14 champions of all champions will compete for pride, honour and the belt of all belts, the WMC World Title.

The Thai team is in full preparation with Thai superstar Buakaw taking on Coulibaly, the French champion. Buakaw knows that he has to be on top of his game in his bout against Coulibaly. Coulibaly had lost a very close decision to Buakaw previously and will be looking to set the record straight in this coming bout.

Ozkul from Turkey will take on the current WMC champ and Boxer of the Year and recipient of the Royal Trophy, Pakorn from Thailand. This should be the fight of the fast-hitting boys with Ozkul looking to be the first WMC World Champion from Turkey.

French champion Salvador will take on Ekkarit from Thailand, another anticipated fight where two world champs will go toe-to-toe and there will be only one winner in the end.

Thai superstar Berneung and current WMC World Champ will take on Mable from France. In the press interview, Berneung said that this will be one of the hardest fights in his career. He has defended his belt four times already, but Monaco will be a proud moment in the presence of HSH Prince Albert II. Berneung will be looking to defend the belt once more and to bring it back in honour of Thailand.

WMC World Champ Harris from Sweden will take on the number one challenger Lidon from France. Both fighters are coming to the ring with a lot of experience and are superstars in their respective countries. Harris stated that it will be an uphill battle to fight at the place where Lidon will have the home advantage with so many French supporters, but that makes him no more dedicated to silence the stadium.

Vakhitov verses Hancharonak is one of the most anticipated fights which we have featured before with two of the most decorated IFMA champs meeting in the ring with so much pride at stake. Both fighters have been preparing for months for this shootout and it will be a great fight.

The superheavyweight fight will be between Australian, Slowinski, a multiple IFMA and WMC champ taking on world champ Rogava from Ukraine. With both fighters weighing in over 100 kilos, one kick or one punch can decide this bout.

There will be a huge delegation traveling from Thailand to Monaco, led by M.L. Trinuch Sirivadhanabhakdi, and IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan. WMC Vice President and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox, performers from Muaythai Live, and so many others, with WMC and IFMA executives from all over the world, will be going to Monaco to honour this prestigious event.

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