A night of fun was had by all at Siam 2 Sydney on Saturday as the event delivered on all levels with a stacked fight card and some of Australia’s best elite fighters in attendance to prove their worth in front of a packed crowd.

The main fight of the evening saw a WMC State title between Devina Martin and Dala Thongsamouth in the featherweight division. After 5 hard-fought rounds, it was Devina who was crowned the new WMC state champion.

We caught up with Devina earlier today to get her thoughts on the win and she stated the following:

“Being made the new WMC state champion seems like a dream. All my hard work and dedication has paid off and it feels like my skills are progressing in the right direction!”

The fight had been organised for a long time and Dala was a great opponent, keeping me on my toes and making me be smart amount my shots. With the fight being 5 x3 rounds it definitely gave me more time to play and choose my shots a bit more. As the fight progressed on I found that my hands became more effective and with a big fourth round I found myself landing a lot of hard hands which almost stopped Dala. The reaction from the crowd was unreal and just made the rest of the fight more intense as you could feel how invested everyone was.

The WMC would like to congratulate Devina on the win and also Andrew Parnham for putting together another fantastic event.