IMG_20150120_173110After the successful first edition of the Silk Road Cup, a special meeting took place in Bangkok between IFMA Executive Board member, FAMA Vice President, Uzbekistan Martial Arts Federation President and First Vice President of the Uzbekistan Boxing Federation Mr. Sherzod Tashmatov, the President of the Uzbekhistan Muaythai Federation Mr Jahongir Boltaboev, the Secretary of the International Department Mr Bekhzod Mirtimirov, and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox, IFMA Sports Director Charissa Tynan and the IFMA International Office.

The Silk Road Cup is an event boasting a huge cultural and sporting exchange that follows the historical trade route from China to India, through Southeast Asia, Persia, Arabia and into the ancient Mediterranean, over deserts, mountains and lush landscapes; the perfect setting for an unforgettable adventure of sports and culture. The second edition will take Muaythai again on an epic adventure from China to Persia and through the ancient Mediterranean regions with the final set for Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Mr Sherzod once again outlined the importance of the historical event and also proposed a conference in Tashkent with all the participating Silk-Road countries to foster a cultural and sporting exchange.