The International World Games Association (IWGA) is an organisation recognised by the International Olympic committee (IOC) sharing the same values and closely cooperating.

The IWGA is committed to developing their activities in the Olympic spirit and in conformity with the Olympic charter. Muaythai through IFMA is a proud member of IWGA and muaythai is one of the 37 recognised sports and is included as a full medal sport in the World Games.

Gender equality is important for the WMC and IWGA, our own Sofia Olofsson made us proud in 2016 becoming World Games “athlete of the year” and in 2020 included in the top 20 of the IWGA “greatest athlete of all time”. High five for the fifth position, we share our pride with one of our muaythai superstars.

Congratulations to Sofia who has won the World Games gold medal in 2017 and is now preparing to be part of the World Games 2022 in Birmingham, USA.