Saturday 3rd September saw an evening of top notch Muaythai by the 8th edition of West Coast battle in the beautiful city of Varberg, Sweden. Muaythai in Sweden continues to grow from strength to strength as proved at this event which was sold out long before the fight date.

West Coast Battle 8 put on 12 fights in total including 3 WMC title fights. In the women’s 53.8kg division Sofia Olofsson (Sweden) claimed a victory over Meryem Uslu (Germany) and was crowned as the new European champion on her home turf. This was the fight of the evening with both fighters putting on a masterclass in Muaythai.

Sofia Olofsson

Adel Ekwall from sweden won the Nordic title at 72,6 kg claiming a victory over Pok Jäskiläänen (Finland) in what was a tough fight for both fighters.

Adel Ekwall

Also Constantin ” Costas ” Nanga from Sweden won the Nordic title at 76,2 kg against Anders Fossum (Norway).

Constantin  Costas  nanga

With 3 fighters from Sweden winning 3 WMC titles it is safe to say that the Swedish fans were happy with the outcome and the atmosphere in the venue was intense. For the people that didn’t get a victory the WMC would like to say that they are no losers in Muaythai, we just learn and come back stronger.

Promoter Per stated that this event is supporting Muaythai not only in Sweden but continuing to unify the countries of the Nordic region together as one. With packed venues like this it is safe to say the future of the sport is looking bright and we are looking forward to the next event.