Somratsamee Manopgym (โสมรัศมี มานพยิม) She became an athlete of the sport national team of Thailand to fight in IFMA world Championships in 2022 and won silver in the female 45 kg division in the IFMA World Championships.

Somratsamee being labelled the history maker making history at Rajadamnern on the 23 December 2022 as the first RWS Female Flyweight Champion and again on December 23, 2023 as the first Rajadamnern Stadium Female Bantamweight champion.

Her second challenge of 2024 is with multiple IFMA Medal, Kamlaipetch PetchPhachara Academy on SAT 1 June to defend her title.

Kamlaipetch PetchPhachara Academy (ธนิษฐา เพลินจิตร) Thanittha plenjit

This amazing athlete began her journey in Muaythai in Grade 8. She was inspired by her neighbor who participated in a muaythai event in her neighborhood. She told her family she wanted to be a nak muay with confidence and now having been fighting in the muaythai circuit for some time, her goal is to become RWS World Champion. She is a testament of hard work in that no matter what your first step may be, consistency and persistence will get you to closer towards your goal each day.

Titles and accomplishments include:

– Thailand Muaythai Championship, Silver Medal, 45 kg
– 2018 IFMA World Muaythai Championships in Dubai, Gold Medal, 51 kg
– 2021 Thailand Muaythai Championships, Gold Medal at SAT, 51 kg
– 2021 IFMA World Muaythai Championships in Türkiye, Silver Medal, 54 kg
– 2023 Thailand Muaythai Championship at Supachalasai Stadium, Gold Medal, 54 kg
– 2023 – The Best Female Nak Muay received the Royal Trophy (IFMA KINGCUP) on December 5th, Thailand’s Father’s Day 2023 #ifma#rws